Special Features:

Automated Rotating Skewers

The Prime Rotisserie Grill & Barbecue comes with 18 skewers, so you can really make the most of your ensemble. Simply place your meat or veggies on the skewers, insert and turn on the switch. Then watch as your Prime Rotisserie works its magic. Perfectly cooked, all round to give you a juicy, succulent end product that looks and tastes divine.

Sophisticated Technology

The best thing about owning a Prime Grill is that you know you have the very best of engineering mastery in your backyard. Its genius and fine craftsmanship remains unmatched by competitors, from the world class design to the stylish finish and its highly sophisticated technology that promises the ultimate grilling experience unlike any other.

Temperature Gauge

This useful feature makes the Prime Rotisserie one of the most sophisticated and functional barbecue machines of all time. Now you can actually monitor the temperature at which your food is grilling and avoid burning.

Adjustable Charcoal Tray

Adjust your charcoal tray to the desired height depending on the intensity of heat required for each dish. You even have three levels to choose from.

Easy Wheeling

Simply lift and wheel your machine to the desired spot for barbecuing and let the fun begin. It's sturdy and easy to maneuver.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Each Prime Rotisserie barbecue machine is coated in durable materials that make cleaning effortless. The grill can be removed, washed separately and replaced. For best results, store it in a shaded area when not in use.

Lid & Air Vents

One of the best features of this barbecue is that it has a lid to contain the shooting sparks, making the experience much safer and more pleasant. Moreover, the lid has a ventilation door on each side, allowing just enough smoke to escape. For maximum heat, or for smoking meat and fish, simply close the vents.

Ample storage space

Working in a crowded space can be very uncomfortable and counter-productive. With your Prime Rotisserie Grill & Barbecue, you have two foldable side tables, as well a shelf underneath for storing utensils, spices, water and anything else you might need.


The insurmountable quality you will receive from your Prime Rotisserie is of world class standard. In addition to its compact, stylish design, it is specially coated to withstand high temperatures. The stainless steel grills will never lose their luster and will provide you with many happy days of barbecuing!