About Us:

We love barbecue, we love good food and we love family gatherings and fun times with special people.

Prime Rotisserie was founded by Alla Saloum, who is a naval architect by profession, but embarked upon this venture, following his personal passion. During his travels to South Korea, he was inspired by the way barbecue was offered as an option in restaurants – as something enjoyable rather than a chore. He decided to create his own model that had all the functionalities to make the experience more pleasant and allowing for fun family gatherings, while eliminating the hassle and fuss that normally goes with the barbecue experience.

Soon after that the process of creating the Prime Rotisserie Grill and Barbecue began. After completing the master design, the search then began for the most talented engineer for the job. It was not long before the final product was completed and perfected. The dream had become a reality, and now, it's time to share this dream with you.

Prime Rotisserie is not just about outdoor grilling. It's so much more. It's about blending the experience of barbecue with sophisticated technology, style with functionality, and of course, it's about great tasting food!

We are pleased to be able to share this innovation with people across the globe, as Prime Rotisserie is available worldwide and comes with a one year guarantee.